Cookie files

In order to ensure a proper function of this website sometimes we are storing a small data files, called cookie, on your device. This is a common practice for the most major websites.

What means cookie files?

Cookie is a small text files which the website stores on your computer or mobile device during your browsing. Thanks to these files, the website can store the information of your steps and preferences for some time (e.g. login details, language, font size and other display settings). During your next visit you don't need to give this information again.

How to use cookie files?

These websites are using cookies to remember the user settings, for better adaptation of advertisements for customers’ needs and for necessary functionality of websites.

How to control cookie files?

You can control or delete the cookies – more details can be found at Also you can delete all cookies stored on your computer and most of the browsers can be set up to not imposed any cookies. In this case likely you will need to adjust some settings manualy whenever you visit the website and some services or features may not work.

How to refuse the use of cookie files?

The use of cookies is possible to set up thanks to your internet browser. The most of the browsers accept the cookies automatic, in the initial settings.
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